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KMVT 15 is a nonprofit, award-winning television station and media center delivering services to Mountain View, Los Altos, Cupertino, and Sunnyvale. In addition to providing a community forum, the team provides media literacy education, hands-on training, and civic engagement for local residents.

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As a local community television station, the traditional cable platform has become limiting. To appeal to a wider user base, KMVT needed to approach programming from a more global perspective. Additionally, they needed help collaborating with volunteers to spend more time focused on their mission.


KMVT has incorporated several Google tools like Hangouts and YouTube to engage its audience at a global scale. Through Google Hangouts, independent producers are able to invite and interview guests from around the world, elevating community programs from local to global and expanding viewing across multiple screens.

YouTube also allows producers to go beyond Nielsen survey analytics to understand the demographic reach of their programs, helping with fundraising and brand recognition.

“G Suite and YouTube have helped KMVT find a global audience, and have saved the station countless hours of work with their administrative and production tools.”

Bobby Chastain, Executive Director of KMVT 15


By tapping into the power of YouTube’s existing audience, KMVT 15’s YouTube channel has garnered more than 4.5 million views and seven thousand subscribers with a minimal marketing budget – and Google Hangouts has allowed them to expand their program guests to a global perspective.

KMVT has also seen success in implementing G Suite: they use Google Drive to share video files for editing and playback, and Google Docs to handle all staff and studio scheduling, saving hundreds of hours in admin and production time.

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